Friday, November 21, 2008

Stars in the sky

If there is one thing to steal wedding ideas from it's Mother Nature. That lady has the most amazing ideas when it comes to blend of colors and mixing of textures.

For this decor we're stealing the night sky, mostly stars and how well a romantic night under them works for a wedding.

This is the super fancy holy crap I don't want to know what it costs idea.

But to make an even more gorgeous night sky all you need are some simple and cheap rope lights (6' for $18):

And then get a mix of cheap blue and purple fabrics (from hancock fabrics).

To put it all together you just have to first drape the rope lights then the fabric from the ceiling and you'll get a gorgeous warm and inviting starry night feel without having to shell out hundreds of dollars.


Leslie said...

I love this idea!!

AmyJean said...

I can definitely use this idea!

Krista said...

Not a bad thought

Mara (the coffee lover) said...

so pretty!

Adrienne said...

This is amazing! I never would have thought to DIY the lighting!

Tiki M Hutchinson said...

Thank you, thank you, thankyo

Naomi said...

What if you can't nail or drill holes in the ceiling or wall? How then do you fix the lights and fabric to the wall or ceiling? Tacks might hold the fabric but not the lights. Any ideas?


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