Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Inspiration

It was suggested that I make an inspiration board to showcase my ideas for my own (very distant future) wedding. My favorite color is pink, and I wanted to incorporate that into my special day.

My guy has agreed to the pink and black color scheme with the understanding that he will have to wear no more pink than a simple boutonniere. Here is a look at my inspiration board, followed by a description of the photos.

(From left to right, top to bottom)

1. The invitations are white with a pink peony design in the lower lefthand corner to both introduce the color scheme and showcase one of the flowers to be used on the day of the ceremony.

2. The grooms tux (designed at Men's Wearhouse) will feature a black two-button jacket, and white vest and tie.

3. This cake is decorated with a pin-tuck design, with edible raspberry pearls.

4. The bridesmaid dress is Alfred Angelo, and is available in 55 colors.

5. This engagement/bridal ring is designed by Sirena, and may be found at Brodkeys.

6. The bridal gown is also Alfred Angelo, and is the main inspiration for the entire wedding scheme.

7. The shoes are by Dyeables.

8. The flower girl dress is by (surprise!) Alfred Angelo.

9. The reception centerpiece features the bouquet flowers, as well as some added greenery. It will look very elegant atop black linens, and is tall enough to add levels to the table, but short enough to allow guests to chat across the table.

10. The simple boutonnieres have 2-3 small rosebuds, and are the only way my groom will wear pink.

11. This unity candle is surrounded by roses and peonies. Fire hazard? Possibly. But it's just so pretty!

12. The groomsmen tux was also designed at The Mens Wearhouse.

13. This bouquet features pink and white roses and peonies. My two favorite flowers! The bridal bouquet will also have black roses incorporated into the mix.

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Blablover5 said...

Katie, your wedding looks so cool.


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