Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Folding Flops

As a member of a banquet staff at a high-end country club, I have witnessed first-hand how something as simple as a napkin can make or break the reception decor.

Things to consider when selecting a napkin fold for your wedding include:
Glassware - Will there be wine glasses to tuck a fold into?
Centerpiece - Will it be hidden by a tall fold?
Meal service - Will your salads be pre-set, or can the napkin be centered between silverware?
Menus - Will they be hidden by the napkin, or used to enhance the napkin fold?
Spacing - How many guests will be seated at each table? Will there be room for a more spread-out fold, or should it be simpler and more contained?

Check out this site to view a variety of napkin folds, and be sure to bring up the subject when meeting with your reception coordinator.

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