Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dresses from Sears?

It's amazing the deals you can find at department stores for bridesmaid dresses: This dress has a lace trim on the bodice while the gathered waist flares into a pleated taffeta skirt. Just perfect for a black tie wedding on a brown suit budget at $80.
For a more muted but still eye popping red this $80 satin dress could blend in well at either a fall or winter wedding.

While this dress is made from a jersy fabric, the colored band at the waist adds a nice little twist on a more classic LBD staple. It also comes in at a whole $70

This beautiful teal dress comes in at a whole $50. I love the little jeweled accent on the bodice and the ruching. Reminds me a lot of my wedding dress.
This cotton dress is an absolute steal at $30, and the color scheme and pattern are so cool I could easily see someone basing an entire wedding off of it.
I hope I've been able to convince you to try checking out some department store sales instead of the bridal salons.

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