Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A not so rosy wedding

No, I'm not saying the wedding went bad, although there were definintely things that could have gone better (i.e. bridesmaid #2). I'm saying I didn't want roses at my wedding because everyone uses roses. I had daisies. I love daisies! They're just a happy flower!

The other thing that caused me to choose daisies is the thought that I really wanted a green and yellow wedding, not particularly due to John Deere (though my husband would say otherwise). Actually, I just love green and although there are other colors that go well with it, none go as well as yellow.

The plan was that my bridesmaids would wear hunter green and maid of honor would wear yellow, but that went downhill fast because she absolutely could not pull off a yellow dress to save her life, so we decided to go with purple for her dress (from B2), which ended up being my other color. So the only way I got to have my green and yellow wedding was to have yellow flowers, and although yellow roses are by far my favorite flower, I didn't want to have your normal wedding. (Yellow roses are also symbols of friendship, which seemed not quite right also.) Daisies are so happy and so simple, it was just so me. Daisies also seemed more informal, which is me through and throuh.

So if you haven't already gone for the traditional roses, take a look around. Daisies are a wonderful option.

Lastly, I'm going to leave you with this picture. I just thought it was a beautiful picture. I LOVE DAISIES!


AmyJean said...

I love daisies ! (and they have my fave color yellow in them )

Krista said...

Daisies are bright and sunshiny.

My mom was married with yellow roses. And they just celebrated 30 years of marriage. :)


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