Friday, November 21, 2008

Anniversary band hell

Well for the last year or so, my husband and I have been on the look out for an anniversary band. I mean, it's not that I don't love my wedding ring, but in my line of work I need something that is more durable. My prongs are already worn on my diamond, so I'm worried about losing it.

I want something simple. Honestly, I don't even care if it has a diamond in it. Actually, I'd just about prefer it not because then I wouldn't be so worried about losing the diamond. When you go looking for an anniversary band, you're likely to come up with one of very few styles such as these: Myself, I like the second one better, but I'd prefer something unique, though maybe not this unique:

I'd kind of like something with a couple of birth stones and more of a plain (somewhat flat) band. Actually, the kind of thing that draws my eyes are mens rings with inset stones. Does anyone out there have a suggestion for me, preferably a relatively cheap suggestion?


megan said...

I've found a few really amazing and unique rings that are subtle but beautiful and even affordable on this website:

Krista said...

... Try going to local jewellers. They often have styles you can't find in chain jewellers ... Their prices are often better ... And they can sometimes bring in other styles or design something.

Erica said...

Adventures of a Grosgrain Bride ( about this same topic. She has an amazing Cartier "trinity" band on her post that you should check out.

Leslie said...

Thank you so much Erica, I'm totally in love with the ring you talked about. Even my husband liked it, though I'm quite sure we cannot afford a Cartier. We'll look for something similar at a lower cost. Thanks again.


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