Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ring around the Neck

These made the wedding blog rounds a while back, but Cyberoptix Tie Lab has come out with some cool new ties (I really like the wood one). They're all silk, handscreened and cost about $30.
These would make --if not to be in the wedding-- really cool groomsmen gifts. Or even for the fathers if they are into some of the cool options.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Flowers in your hair

Want to wear a real flower in your hair but worried about it dying and wilting too quickly?

Why not check out Bela Brazilian Designs

They have preserved real flowers and incorporated them into designs for jewelry as well as headbands and hair pins. If you really want a rare or very exotic flower that is hard to find during your wedding this could be a cool idea and you could wear it years after your wedding.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Ringbearer's bowl?

Not so crazy about the idea of having a ringbearer carrying down an overpriced pillow?

How about a bowl instead? It's sure to get more reuse after the wedding than a tiny pillow.
This wooden bowl is handcrafted and costs a whole $15
More in the mood for something on the wild side? This porcelain bowl with a green and black motif costs $30
This adorable heart shaped bowl comes in at $20.
Want something a bit smaller but also personalized? How about this small ring bowl for $15?

Or for the ultimate in personalization you and your fiance could visit a Paint Yourself Silly type store and make your own little ring bowl painted together. My hubby and I had a ton of fun one Valentines day making our special wizard bowl (it's very important as it holds all our stamps now).

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