Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little about me...

Leslie here. I guess the first thing I should do on here is to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me. I have been married for most of 4 years now. I have a little boy, Brett, that will be 4 years old in less than a month. He's growing up so fast. I'm also expecting another child in May.

If you want to see some pictures of my son, his website is on

My experience with wedding planning is short. I did my own, which may have been the world's simplest and cheapest wedding. I don't know the final budget, but I'd have to guess around $2500. My sister recently got married and I helped a bit in the beginning but then slowly throughout the process I seemed to get further and further from the picture. I was supposed to be a personal attendant at her wedding, but wound up doing nothing except helping to take care of her son during the wedding. Oh, and I made sure the kids didn't take off with the toys during the reception. That was a good help, right?

Actually my most recent experience with weddings was for my best friend. I got to be her matron of honor, which was definitely an honor. Her wedding was nearly as simple as mine, but due to a difference in location was probably double the cost.

Well since I can't think of anything else to add, I'll stop here.

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Karen Elaine said...

New to the blog world, and I think I'm going to enjoy this one.

I relate most to "KutieMarie" (reading the descriptions, lol). Any advice or thoughts from her would be great. :/


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