Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Butterfly Wedding

Really want to have some butterflies at your wedding but can't imagine having to sneak out and trap them all in nets the night before or put butterfly feeders all around the outside of the church?

Why not try 3D Insects?

These gorgeous butterflies can come in many different colors and stick to any surface. But what makes them really neat are you can bend the wings to any angle you want and they're thin enough to flutter in a slight breeze.

Imagine how cool it would be to have butterflies fluttering on an altar or your centerpieces.

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*Michelle said...

I think that could be beautiful! But not for me! Butterflies freak me out. I know, I know, thats insane. But they are SOOO fragile and yet slow and tend to land where they shouldn't and wont shoo off! They freak me out because I am always afraid I'll gesture and smack one and kill it! (And i'm tickleish and tend to auto-swat whatever is tickling me. also means death for butterflies).


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