Sunday, November 23, 2008

He's making a list, checking it twice...

Have you been dreaming of a white (Christmas) wedding? Here are some Christmas themed ideas to add some holiday spirit to your big day.

1. Cupcakes 2. Poinsettia tuxedo vest 3. Bouquet with white roses and pine 4. Invitations 5. Customized favors 6. DIY Centerpiece 7. Serving set 8. Festive gowns 9. Cake


Heidi@TrulyEngaging said...

I think a Christmas wedding would be so fun to put together and gorgeous to photograph. So many venues already beautifully decorated just needing the final touches of the bride and groom. Delicious treats, fab aromas, twinkling lights... oh how marvelous!

Krista said...

I would have thought about it ... except my birthdays in December (the 9th). And while it's not so early that I ever had to share "christmas-birthday gifts" (which is honestly cruel to a child), it does mean that the month is kinda one big celebration! Christmas is a gorgeous time for any celebration, but I need a reason to celebrate something in the spring!


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