Thursday, November 20, 2008

My first rant

Well today I've got to vent about how picky an eater my husband is. Honestly, I think there's about 10 meals that I can make without treats (that usually end up being promises) that he's not going to eat it. I've never dealt with a picky eater, I'm probably the pickiest eater in my whole family, which means there are a few things that I won't eat: onions, coconut, and peanut butter for example.

My husband will eat nothing green and I'm not kidding. If it has an herb or spice in it that he can see is green, he won't touch it. I made garlic cheese bread the other night to go along with our spagetti. By gosh, he wouldn't eat it because I had put italian seasoning on it.

He's got other little problems too, like he tends to skip meals if there's no one to tell him to eat, which irritates the heck out of me because then he's hungry at suppertime and still doesn't konw what to eat because he's so picky.

Well, that is all for now. Likely, there will be more rants like this (possibly even about picky eaters). Does anyone have suggestions for recipes to feed him?

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*Michelle said...

I am also a pretty picky eater. Ya know what my fiance makes for me? The same thing he's making for him - and I pick out the things I don't like. Not in a mean way, but I would bat your boy upside the head. He doesn't like it? Fine - don't eat it. He doesn't want to pick things off he doesn't like? Fine - make it yourself. Call me cruel but this is one of those things that he needs to get a reality grip on. Have him cook his own meals for a while. Or tell him to close his eyes so he doesn't see the seasoning. He needs to have a grip on how much of a pain his pickiness is and how thankful he should be that you are bending over backwards for it.


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