Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Wedding Etsy Treasury

Check out this elegant Etsy Treasury:
For more information about each section just click here

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A beautiful hair piece

I came across these lovely hair pins from Royal Princess and I just had to get one. Mine is a deep sapphire blue but they have lots of lovely colors.

They're real roses that are preserved. The petals are flexible and the colors you get when the light bounces off them are exquisite. Here are just a few examples:If you're less of a rose fan and more into feathers they also have a really cool fascinator sample especially for any peacock fans:

Go check them out. I can't wait to show off my little beauty.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter clothes for the wedding

Easter is a great time to go looking for dresses for the flower girls and suits and shirts for the ring bearers.

Here's just a sampling of the dresses from Target all under $25:

The boys have some cute stuff too. Easter is perfect to pick up an entire vest, shirt and pants combo for under $25:
So if you know what colors you want you may want to check out some local retailers or department stores to see what they have in stock because once summer comes all those cute shirts and dresses will be gone.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Colored Crinoline almost DIY

Have you seen some of those gorgeous pictures of brides rockin' different bright colors under their white wedding dress to give a little pop?

Always wanted to have dyed crinoline but are afraid that you'll mess it up?

Here comes 2 Bird Stone. For the low price of $17 they'll take your crinoline and dye it one of a multitude of colors. Just look at these options:I love the ranges they have, especially the greens and blues.

I've tried my hands at dying a few things in the past and for the cost of dye and then cleaning products to remove the mess you made, $17 is a wonderful deal and worth the piece of mind knowing you have a gorgeous even pop of color on your wedding day without blue fingers.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another wedding painting

Big thanks to Rachel and her displaying the painting a made of her wedding dress on her blog (I'd offer you a fruit basket if I actually knew any fruit that was edible at this time of year).

Kelly from My Island Wedding saw it and contacted me. She wanted not just her dress but also one of her husbands tux and then she asked for something I was a touch hesitant on.

She wanted to include a picture of their dog Madchen who had sadly passed on recently. I've only attempted two doggie paintings so far, one looked okay and the other failed spectacularly (hence why you've never seen it). But I really wanted to try.

There has never been a time in my life that I didn't have a dog that was my best bud and I know they always have a little special place in your heart.

So I sat down and through a slight anti-histamine fog (damn trees, stop breeding) somehow I got this beautiful painting out and am still a bit floored that I painted it.
I guess this means I may just be able to paint puppies too. Yay!

I hope you enjoy and love it a lot Kelly. I know I already do.

If you would like your own here is an option for a scene like above with both the dress and tux, and here is one for just the dress. Puppies in there are completely optional.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hand Painted Invitations

Recently, I stumbled across these gorgeous wedding invitations that are hand painted (using my favorite medium, acrylic) and are only about $4-$6 a piece from Paintings by Sharon.

Each invitation has the image painted on not scanned and printed off and she does all the assembling. Just look at some of these amazing options.
I really love these little blue birds, and the RSVPs have adorable nests on them.
Who wouldn't want to send each guest their own little piece of art.

She also does really adorable maps as well. Wouldn't that make a cute Save the Date?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paper prettier than the real thing

Looking for something a touch different to carry down the aisle, have your bridesmaids or groomsmen carry/wear, or just to decorate with?

How about a paper rose from La Fleur De Papier?
I really love the long stem roses and at $5.50 each they're incredibly elegant and also economical to carry down the aisle.
You can even have her customize your own bouquet with whatever colors you want.
And each flower has a dash of rose oil added to give a beautiful scent.

They're all so delicate and beautiful they'd make a wonderful addition to a wedding, plus you can keep them for years to come.

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