Monday, November 24, 2008

A Fruitfilled wedding

This is a great idea for any fall wedding (and I seriously considered for my own for a bit). All you need are a bunch of tea lights, a special tool (though if you are talented a paring knife would work as well) and any fruit of your choice.

It's called a candle carver and you can use it to cut a little top out of anything from apples to pumpkins to even lemons. And then you put in a tea light to give a gorgeous glow for centerpieces.
The only big issue is that you would have to do it the week before the wedding and even then you'd probably want some fruit fresh (or ascorbic acid) to keep the apples looking good.

So if you got a lot of friends willing to help you out and a fall wedding maybe some fruit candles would make a great centerpiece.

Or instead of candles you could put some flowers inside of the apples.


Leslie said...

super cute!!!

Krista said...

Edible and pretty - bonus!

(I'm getting hungry, hence the happy response to edible weddings)


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