Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nerdy links

Guys put up with a lot of the wedding process. They're willing to wear a stuffy tux, stand still while tons of pictures are taken, or heaven help them even wear pink.

So why not encourage to let a little bit of that original nerdy charm shine through with their cuff links. I was seriously tempted by these for my own wedding as my guy adores Legos but he said no (spoil sport).

These are all from Cufflinks and the bottom left is an actual usable pen drive.

And these from The Clay Collection while they all look like earrings with a simple note can be turned into amazing cufflinks.

My favorites are the little BLT sandwich and Tom Servo.


Broke-ass Bride said...

Oh how awesome! I LOVE them. Thanks! Great blog, btw :)

mimi said...

just had to check you out cuz i loved your comment on practical wedding. i may have just changed my wedding from no real theme to everyone has to wear giant wigs with themes. that would be reallly cool.


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