Monday, March 23, 2009

Colored Crinoline almost DIY

Have you seen some of those gorgeous pictures of brides rockin' different bright colors under their white wedding dress to give a little pop?

Always wanted to have dyed crinoline but are afraid that you'll mess it up?

Here comes 2 Bird Stone. For the low price of $17 they'll take your crinoline and dye it one of a multitude of colors. Just look at these options:I love the ranges they have, especially the greens and blues.

I've tried my hands at dying a few things in the past and for the cost of dye and then cleaning products to remove the mess you made, $17 is a wonderful deal and worth the piece of mind knowing you have a gorgeous even pop of color on your wedding day without blue fingers.


Bridechka said...

Awesome idea, I might add a dash of blue or green to mine :)

wholesale wedding dresses said...

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custom made wedding gowns said...

Love those myriad of shades and the mixing of them.


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