Friday, March 6, 2009

Painting of your wedding dress

Time for that announcement I promised I'd make today (it's a good one, I swear).

For those of you that have been reading for a long time you know that early on in my painting spree I sat down and painted out not only my wedding dress but also my husbands tux. Okay so I can't paint people (it's the hands and noses, if we didn't have hands and noses I'd be golden) but I have a good eye for fabrics and clothing.

I really like my two paintings and I got to thinking, maybe someone else would also like a little painting of their own dress. In fact I've already done two of the more prominent wedding blog-o-sphere newlyweds.

The first was of Jenna's Evelyn based upon one of millions of gorgeous pictures she had from her wedding.

This picture of her painting was actually taken by That Wife herself as I have no skills at taking pictures of my own paintings. They always look so much better in real life.She wanted some emphasis put on the brooch and I really am still a touch gobsmacked at how it turned out. Maybe I should get some pins so I can paint angels on them or something.

My other newlywed painting was of Rachel's dress from Girl Learning Along the Way. I worked to capture the fullness of her skirt and also to show how light and airy it was. I love the color purple she picked for the background too, it really set the whole thing off.

So what does all that have to do with you? Why I am offering the same deal to anyone else who wants their own wedding dress painting at my store on etsy. For just $15 I'd paint a small painting keepsake of your wedding dress.

But for all of you my, blogger friends, I offer a better deal. If you'd like your own painting, I'll give you a $5 reduction and only charge you for the cost of supplies and shipping.

If that's still too much, you can get your own wedding dress painting for a whole $5 (so basically shipping price) by mentioning my Etsy store on your own blog in a post.

I don't have to do just wedding dresses either. I could do say a mothers dress as a present, or a series of bridesmaids dresses, or another idea I've had is to do both the tux and dress dancing together. The background is completely customizable as well.

And for all of you who are still waiting on your own wedding, don't worry I'll keep this deal open.

So, totally crazy idea or not?


Mel said...

I don't think it's a crazy idea at all. I'm getting married some time next year and I am already planning on doing some paintings of my dress (when I get it) and shoes with my wedding colors in the background somewhere. I'm sure plenty of people would love such a personalized keepsake. Good luck! Yay Etsy!

mims said...

Great idea! I would love to have a painting of my wedding dress!

megan said...

um... that's crazy! in a good way! :)
i'd totally love a painting of mine, not sure why, but i would! i just would! never thought about it, but i would! but... my dress is so not structural so i don't think it would make for a good stand alone painting like the purple background one.


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