Saturday, December 6, 2008

Playmobil wedding

Growing up I was never allowed to play with Legos (too many small pieces I guess) so instead we had to find some entertainment in Playmobil. While not as many free things one can build their people have a lot more detail and come with lots of weird random stuff.

After perusing eBay to see what wedding stuff they offered up I thought I should share. If you or your fiance were into playmobil when you were little these could make a really cute picture on some stationary object (STD's, Invitations, Reception card, Thank You note).


Ruthie said...

Or Cake toppers!

Anonymous said...

How cute. I love legos. What a different idea!!

Playmobil Wedding said...

Playmobil toy is one of my new collection because I didn't try to have more toys when I was a kid so i have much frustration now to collect because I can already afford to buy.


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