Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Ringbearer's bowl?

Not so crazy about the idea of having a ringbearer carrying down an overpriced pillow?

How about a bowl instead? It's sure to get more reuse after the wedding than a tiny pillow.
This wooden bowl is handcrafted and costs a whole $15
More in the mood for something on the wild side? This porcelain bowl with a green and black motif costs $30
This adorable heart shaped bowl comes in at $20.
Want something a bit smaller but also personalized? How about this small ring bowl for $15?

Or for the ultimate in personalization you and your fiance could visit a Paint Yourself Silly type store and make your own little ring bowl painted together. My hubby and I had a ton of fun one Valentines day making our special wizard bowl (it's very important as it holds all our stamps now).

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Newport Nuptials said...

I love the personalized bowl! So cute!


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